Dojo rules

When entering the Dojo. Everyone must bow to the photo of O’Sensei. Including visitors

All Visitors must be quiet when practice has started and no coaching from the sides of the mat due to etiquette and health and safety reasons.

Before entering the Dojo for training. All jewellery must be removed or taped up. Long hair must be tied up.

Please ensure that Finger and Toenails are short and clean. Your hands and feet are clean. Your Aikido Suite is clean, Personal hygiene is VERY important to the health and safety of others.

Waite for Sensei to allow you on the training mat.

You must bow to the photo of O’Sensei again before entering the mat.

Line up quietly, make sure your appearance is tidy and in grade order.

If any accident occurs immediately bring it to the attention of the Sensei. Who will stop the class? Do not crowed the injured person. Go to the nearest side of the mat that is clear and sit in posture.

When practicing you must respect the Sensei, your training partners, the rules of the dojo and Aikido etiquette at ALL times. If you are not sure about anything ask your Sensei.