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11 months ago

So last night we resumed a resemblance of training. Socially distanced, COVID-19 compliant training.

11 months ago

Tomorrow we resume...

1 year ago

Getting my Aikido fix this morning by watching some YouTube clips of Vasillis Nykteris.

1 year ago

Good fun lesson last night exploring some Kaiten Nage concepts using the Jo and from kneeling.
Syllabus topics then after.
Everyone was awesome.

1 year ago

Training has resumed since the Christmas break and we have hit things off with some blending work and tango tori from Bryn Sensei and some syllabus and point of imbalance concepts from Mark Sensei. ... See more


Friday 26th August 2016

After a week at the Shin Gi Tai Aikido Summer School it was nice to have a session back at the club. Adam, Ben(F) and Lowri trained with Sensei’s Martin and Bryn.

Friday 19th August 2016

Good training session tonight with James, Adam, Ben Seagrove and Ben Fray. Always good to have a visiting member from another club.


Tuesday 16th August 2016

Excellent session tonight (16th August 2016) with Jamie, Ben Seagrove, Adam, Stuart, Leon, Steve, Sensei Martin and Sensei Bryn. Both Jo and Bokken were used to reinforce basics as well as learning the 1st Jo Kata.


Newcomers – Katie Raine Peacock, Ben Cole-Edwards, Dylan Lewis Howells and Ben. Introduction to basic akemi (rolling) starting with seated backwards roll exercises and building into backwards roll to a kneel. We then looked at basic foot movements i.e. hidari (left) hamni and migi (right) hamni before moving onto First form looking at Shiho-Nage and Irimi-Nage as well as Ikkyo and Nikyo. Steve Wheller also attended where a refresh of defences to Yokomen attack were explored with visiting aikidoka.